Vacation is nearly over. *insert sad face*

21 Apr

My long-awaited vacation is nearly over. It has been one hectic week. To think, just seven days ago, I was terribly exhausted after a long week of work. Soon enough, I will have to return to the daily grind, but I still have a few days to work through before then.

I did enjoy my vacation, even if things were not exactly how I thought they’d be. The weather, excepting our arrival Saturday (we were a few hours ahead of the tornadoes that swept through North Carolina and South Carolina), has been gorgeous. Today, it was in the 80s, while where I live in Central New York, it was snowing. It is like a whole new world down here with extremes such as that. I’m walking about in shorts and tank tops, frolicking in the ocean, and sunbathing, and normally, I’m hiding in my house, hoping for warm weather to show up so I can stop wearing coats!

I admit, I spent a lot of my days reading, sitting around, playing on the net, and watching a little tv. While I love to sightsee and experience things, when I know I’m on a limited time and there are crowds around, I really just enjoy not doing anything and not living on any type of schedule. Don’t fear: I did leave the house.  But, really, the point of vacation to me is not to rush through it trying to fit everything in, but fit what you can and relax. Enjoy the sun: We’re still waiting on it up north. Enjoy the ocean: I’m from a part of NY that’s pretty landlocked and the beaches are all on lakes. Still good, but it’s nice to let the ocean wash up on you knowing that water was somewhere else. Enjoy the lack of having to get up with an alarm clock: Sooner or later you’ll return to schedules, and work hours, and detailing your life down to the minute. Enjoy freedom away from answering phone calls, pleasing someone else, and doing someone else’s bidding for once. Vacation is ME time.

That’s why I always get a little depressed when it comes to the end of vacation: I hate having to go back into a super-controlled lifestyle where it’s a burden to not serve at someone else’s convenience. I hate having to stop being a little selfish (Not that I’m very selfish on vacation, either). I hate knowing that I have to be an adult again.

I know I’m whining a little, and I try very hard to avoid that in my writing, but leaving vacation especially stinks for those who don’t work a consistent 9-5, M-F schedule.  That, of course, is what I dread the most.

So, in two days, I’ll be saying goodbye to the summer temps, the sun, and the ocean, and instead head back north where it’s been snowing and cold. Maybe by the time my birthday comes around (Early June), I will start seeing weather like this again.

Ah, well…one can always dream.

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