Hiatus done? Not quite. *insert pouty face*

21 Aug

I have totally failed as a good blog runner. I put up a short, small run of posts, and then *POOF,* I disappeared. I apologize. Life, in its evilness, had its way with me and I’m now starting to recover.

I actually have been starting, revising, and working on blog entries, but I am struggling, in some cases, to get beyond the “fan-girling” sound and into criticism. Thus, I hope a blog post on why I’m completely obsessed with the storyline behind the show Supernatural will see life soon.

As I work retail, I work with lots of people who gives me excellent examples of how not to be, and also, “how to write *INSERT TYPE* character. With that said, I’ve had the hankering to write if not the energy.

Basically, as we near the fall season, and I find myself closing in on longer nights (my time of day, I tell ya!), I will probably have more to type. Outside of that, if you’re reading currently, I’m sorry. I’ll be a better bloghost next time.

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