08 Jul

As much as I love them, I have decided books, in general, are evil. They make me want to write, and I spend more of what little brainpower I have left daydreaming in worlds that are a pain in the butt to put on paper.  So, books are evil. Says me. ‘Cause I said so, ’cause I can.  :-p

No, to be honest, I love books. I’ve loved them from childhood, and I love them now. I spent more of my time growing up with a book in my hand than probably learning those practical things like math, and managing money, and not being completely stupid when it comes to boys. While books, to most, are just another form of entertainment normally supplied by  movies and video games, I always found them inspiring. After all, reading a favorite series of book convinced me to quit the road to being a teacher and take this poor, (wait–VERY POOR) road of following my dream of being a novelist.

I’m officially off my latest of vacations from the day job, and unlike most of my vacation times, I actually spent a lot of this one reading. I did not touch my record of most books read in the shortest period of time ( I think I did 3, 300 page books in a day once upon a time), but I think I’ve read more books this week than I finished in the past year. Impressive, no?

Like reading, I’ve been lax on writing, hence the very long hiatus I took from even publishing a blog. Now, after reading a book or two, I want to delve back into territories I’ve not touched in over 11 years. I’m scared to go there, but I just might.  Though I love my epic fantasy series, it is stalled and I have spent way too much of my energy lately trying to play with it. I need a change of scenery. I hope the dare I have given myself, and thanks to my friend, Ed, who also dared me, I think I might have found it. In rewriting the past me’s writing in Ancient Times. For more info about that, perhaps you should head to my writing blog that I hopefully will have up and running within a few days.

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