Brain’s broken…need to refresh…

18 Jul

Ever had one of those days where you think the world just broke that part of your brain that makes you different than the rest of the animals out there? If not, this blog probably isn’t for you.

I started writing this entry about four hours ago and happened upon using baseball metaphors to try to get my point across. Okay, the baseball lingo worked. Trying to move past that? Not so much. Instead, yet again, my brain ran across something infinitely more interesting, and the blog got “trashed” in the internet sense. Basically, hit refresh on your browser and, “Bye! Bye!”

I’ve never been a math chick. I mean, really, I give a lot of credit to people who love numbers, can do complex equations in their head, and understand deep scientific principles on the math alone. In high school, I studied basic calculus, some physics (when we weren’t placing bets on when the teacher would come back from maternity leave), and the various other normal studies, but, it was harder for me to learn than most other things. I’m just not a numbers gal. Even as I’m great with the word-play, financial lingo stops me in my tracks.

Today, it wasn’t financial lingo, but it was numbers. Too many numbers and the Lauren brain goes into shock. Left too long in that state, and it starts to shut down, cortex by cortex until my body just moves around by instinct, and higher functioning halts while my brain is still sorting why the heck I couldn’t figure out the math to make it work. 

Basically, I killed my brain with math today. I would have depended upon the verbal center of my brain that usually takes over in my more “dumb” times, but that was halted with having to argue with people who, deciding they were smarter than me, refused to listen as I told them the truth of how things were. For my dear readers, who may or may not believe I’m giving myself too much credit there, the truth was something a coworker of mine had come to know, realize and agree with me upon. 

Basically: I was right. They were wrong. Nana nana-poo poo! (Yes, a little regression there!)

Wow, that was a moment.

All of what happened today, between the arguing with people and the math (OMG: MATH!!!), is why I love what I get from writing. To me, that’s uncomplicated. Yes, I get frustrated. Sometimes, I just can’t make the words fit. But, I understand why they don’t fit. I understand what they mean. I relish the beauty of the things other people do with them. Numbers? I don’t always see that way.

So, numbers broke my brain today. Not because I was too stupid to understand it, but more because I’m wired differently. So, when the numbers break my brain, I hit refresh. I dump thoughts into a blog, a post, a story, a book. That’s where I live. 

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One response to “Brain’s broken…need to refresh…

  1. unsweetenedtea

    07/18/2012 at 16:09

    The running joke in my family is that I “can’t math”… I hear you on breaking your brain.


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