Olympics and other things…

01 Aug

…Or what Lauren spends massive time watching instead of writing.

I love the Olympics. I love what it represents. I love watching athletes doing things I have neither energy or will to do. Even with goofy faces, I enjoy the Olympian physique.  I’m the Olympics fan of normality.

I haven’t had much of an inkling to write since my last post. A lot of that has to do with the crazy nature of what is called my day job. The other part is the segments of life I spend awake, I spend watching the Olympics.

I also cry a lot. This has nothing to do with hormones but mostly because I seem to only show feelings of sadness to others in the forms of tears during commercials about Olympic athletes, actual performances of Olympic athletes, showcases of famous composers who write super famous music that makes me cry not because the music is super famous, but because I love music, and animals rescued from abuse. The last is the worst. How many different commercials must torture me??

I’m a sap. Okay. I said it. I love a good story. I love the heart-wrenching story. I love the concept of true love, and   cuddles for animals, and watching other peoples’ dreams come true.I love seeing people be happy.

I’m also a sarcastic bitch. I generally insult people to show I somehow like them, and I call some of the most favorite I encounter at my job: Pains in my ass.

Some might ask: Which is the truth?

Does that question have to be asked?

I am what I am. I don’t try to pretend because, while I can act, I prefer not to. I spent much of my young adulthood pretending. I spent so much damn time wondering what people thought of me that I forgot to be me. Does that mean I’m mean? No. I just try to be honest. I try to be true. I don’t believe in lying to someone because the lie makes them feel better.

In a lot of ways, the Olympics are things I relate to. I’m a writer. I don’t always write as much as I want to. Okay, let’s have the truth: I write no where NEAR what I want to. I spend a majority of my energy thinking about a goal, desiring it, setting it as the end result. But, the damn effort? That’s work and I already have a day job. But, in some cases, these athletes who put out so much once every 4 years, also have a day job. Some do other things besides train. Some make training their job. Some are moms. Wives.  If they can juggle their lives and compete on an international stage with everyone watching, what does that make me?

Watching the Olympics has inspired me, but not in the way I thought it might. Do I still want to write? Hell yes. Do I still think I need to spend more time “training”? Sure. But, nowadays, a huge part of the Olympics is pursuing a dream. Yes, part of my dream is writing. However, that’s not all.  I’m more than what I do. I have a dream more than writing.

If there’s anything anyone should ever take from ANY Olympics, it’s this: BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. If that’s in that Gold category, so be it. If that’s just “I’m hella glad to be here.” Same thing.  But, damn, be who you want to be. There’s no one else out there to choose it for you. So, why the hell are you letting them?

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