Yes, I’m still alive. Sorry to have been absent.

17 Mar

This will be a short entry, as I’m more motivated to spend the writing urge that I just had on a piece of work that might eventually garner me some money and a publishing contract, but I have felt nothing but guilt the past months. I wish I could give a good excuse as to why writing has not been a priority for me lately, but as usual, I don’t really have one.

Work has consumed my life in so many ways, mostly due to the inevitable turnover that happens in the service industry. Thus, I’ve been working several different shifts a week, and each week presents a new set of variant shifts to basically induce insomnia and a real want and need to check out of reality.

So, to make the readers/writers out there possibly perusing this blog entry with some interest happy: I may not have been writing copious amounts of fiction or blog entries, but I’ve certainly spent a good deal of time reading some ebooks on my Kindle and allowing my brain some space to relax enough to even think of writing. 

So, soon,  I hope to have an actual, interesting blog to write. As it is almost Spring (at least, I keep telling myself that), I think that my mood and energy levels will lift, and in general, the more intriguing plotlines in my life so far have always started or happened in the spring and summer. Or, perhaps that is just what I keep telling myself. In any case, if any of you are still out there, I hope to start entertaining you soon.

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